Offline Information Session, March 12th, 2023

Harvard Immersion Study Tours Offline Information Session

Founded in 2016, ECC is an education-oriented company. The initial business was to recruit international students to study in Canada but was forced to stop by the pandemic.  Now ECC focuses on Harvard Immersion Study Tours.

  • Harvard Immersion Study Tours, co-organized by Harvard and MIT students and ECC (Éducation Central Canada), is a program including a series of thematic and experiential courses and immersion tours.
  • Thematic and experiential courses are delivered in the classrooms and museums of Harvard and MIT by Harvard students, spanning a wide range of disciplines including culture, art, technology, mathematics, architecture, biology, history, nature, medicine, and nutrition.
  • The program is open to students from high school, CEGEP, or undergraduate. By expanding their horizons and knowledge from the world’s top universities, experiencing the charms of various disciplines and learning from role models, students will discover their interests and potentials, and be inspired to pursue their own wonderful life.
  • After completing this program, students will get a Certificate issued by Harvard students and ECC, become members of ECC Club, and enjoy subsequent services. Moreover, they will have priority to participate in more diverse and premium programs in the future.

Thematic and Experiential Courses

Category Course Name Lecturer at Harvard
Education Harvard Campus Culture and Undergraduate Application Minjue Wu
Culture Trace to the Source of East-Asian Culture Benjamin Landauer
Design Principle of Design and Charm of Harvard Architectures Jiahui Qiu
Medicine Development of Medical Technology and Application of Harvard Medical School  

Ally Zhang

Technology Web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence Aaron Luo
Education Relationship between Family Education and Early STEM Learning

& Application of Harvard Graduate School of Education

Qianru Tiffany Yang
Mathematics HMMT Math Tournaments Introduction Paul Yang
Nutrition Sports Nutrition Health for Adolescents Yaxuan Sun

Experiential Courses

Category Course Name Location
Nature Biodiversity and the Relationship between

Humans and Nature

Harvard Museum of Natural History
Art Appreciation of Eastern and Western Classic Art Harvard Art Museum
Innovation The Incubation Process of Harvard

Innovation Projects

Harvard Innovation Labs
Science &


The Charm of Cutting-edge Technology

and Innovation

MIT Museum

ECC Montreal Team

Guodong Zhang

Guodong is a co-founder of ECC. He holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Peking University and MBA from Beijing Jiaotong University.

After getting his MBA, he established Hanloong consulting company( in Beijing and worked as a team leader for 7 years. During 2008-2011, he worked as a partner in ALLPKU Consulting Group. He traveled around China and US, experienced various cultures and customs, and accumulated impressive experience through successful projects.

Based on his experience in Chinese cultural and creative projects, Guodong built in 2016 to distribute Eastern culture. In 2019, he established the physical creative space of Loongese in Laval.

In 2016, he founded ECC with partners. From 2023, he runs Harvard Immersion Study Tours ( that help enlighten and inspire youth from across multiple backgrounds.

张国栋先生是ECC共同创办人。他拥有北京大学经济学学士和北京交通大学工商管理硕士学位。 获得硕士学位后,他在北京创立了汉隆咨询公司,并担任了7 年的运营负责人。



Juan Guan

Juan is a co-founder of ECC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Communication University of China, a Master of Arts in Communication from Tsinghua University, and a Master of Science in Management from Concordia University.

Dedicated to culture and education with patience and enthusiasm for years, Juan has worked in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, and Concordia University to accumulate expertise in management and education.

As an entrepreneur with mission and vision, Juan co-established ECC and Loongese in 2016 and 2019 respectively and has been committed to culture and youth education.

As a mother and a student-centered educator, Juan believes that students could get great progression, inspiration and inner motivation from the immersive and interactive Harvard Immersion Study Tours.




Long Sun

Mr. Sun is a co-founder of ECC. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communication technology from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a master’s degree in mathematics from Ocean University of China. He immigrated to Canada in 2010.

Since 2012, He has been engaged in international study and immigration projects. He cooperated with a private high school in Shenzhen and a public high school in Shandong for many years.

For the past 15 years, he has accompanied his daughter to grow from an ordinary girl to a graduate student at Harvard. As a father, he has given his daughter the greatest support in every improvement.

To share his experience in education and help those who are in need, he co-established Harvard Immersion Study Tours to support the students to learn self-management and self-motivation and enlighten their future.

孙龙先生是ECC的共同创办人,他拥有南京航空航天大学通讯技术学士、中国海洋大学数学硕士学位。2010年移民加拿大,从2012年开始,从事多年的国际留学和移民项目,曾经与深圳一所私立高中、山东一所公立高中合作办学多年。于2016年共同创立了ECC教育机构。15年间,他陪伴女儿从一个普通小姑娘,成长为世界一流哈佛学府的一名研究生,见证了她的成长,作为父亲,在女儿每一次的提升中,都给予了最大的支持。建立哈佛游学社, 就是把他的心得,女儿成长的故事,分享给大家,减少成长的烦恼,学会自我管理、自我激励、明确方向,奔向未来!

Junjie Zhang (Julie)

Ms. Zhang Junjie is a co-founder of ECC. She has a bachelor degree in computer software from Shenyang Aerospace University and a master degree in precision instruments from Tianjin University. She Immigrated to Canada in 2007.

Since 2012, She have been engaged in international study and immigration projects. She has cooperated with a private high school in Shenzhen and a public high school in Shandong for many years.

In the past 15 years, she has witnessed her daughter grow from an ordinary girl to a graduate student at Harvard University.

As a mother, she is very proud of her daughter. To share education experience and to help those in need, she co-established Harvard Immersion Study Tours, using the power of role models to enhance children’s internal motivation and help to shape a wonderful future!


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