About the differences between our study tours and ordinary Harvard sightseeing tours

In response to some parents’ questions about the differences between our study tours and ordinary Harvard sightseeing tours, we have summarized the following points for your reference.

1. Our team has selected the best of Harvard and MIT campus after many field trips for more than half a year, and carefully arranged the route and the articulation of each link to match, which can be reflected in the introduction of our itinerary. We let children fully experience the campus culture, academic charm and life excitement of Harvard from courtyard to classroom, from architecture to life;

2. We have participated and compared various free and paid campus tours in Harvard, the general tour is one person with a large group, sometimes it can reach more than 50 people, and the programmed introduction of the periphery of Harvard Courtyard, one is unable to enter the interior to examine the classes, and the other is a patterned introduction, lack of communication and interaction, while we are a small boutique tour, strictly control the number of participants, Harvard Courtyard tour is only a small part of the tour. The tour of Harvard Yard is only a small part of the tour, and our participants can fully interact with Harvard students, even one-on-one communication;

3. our courses cover a variety of subject areas such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, architectural design, East Asian culture, nutrition and health, etc. We invite Harvard undergraduates, doctoral students and master students to teach in the classroom, and considering the learning characteristics and acceptance of teenagers, our courses are designed with fun and interactivity in mind, so that kids can feel cool. At the same time, these Harvard students can be seen as role models of peer behavior, and using their words and actions to inspire adolescents will be more effective than parental intergenerational education.

4. Our experiential program is purposely placed in the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art, the MIT Science Museum, and the Harvard Innovation Lab iLab, which we have visited many times, so that children can explore the charm of nature, art and technology like a treasure hunt map. In short, we are trying to ensure the children’s safety and comfort, so that they can learn, play, eat and live well, and experience a wonderful experience to open up more possibilities of life.

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us, thank you!


1. 我们的团队经过半年多时间的多次实地考察,甄选了哈佛及MIT校园内的精华,精心安排了路线与各环节的衔接搭配,这一点可以从我们的行程介绍中体现。我们让孩子们从庭院到课堂,从建筑到人生,充分地感受哈佛的校园文化、学术魅力和生命精彩;

2. 我们参加和比较过哈佛内各种免费和收费的校园Tour,一般性的游览就是一个人带一个人数众多的团队,有时能到50多人的规模,程式化地介绍哈佛庭院的外围,一是无法进入到内部考察上课,二是流于模式化的介绍,缺少交流与互动,而我们是精品小团,严格控制参与者人数,哈佛庭院的游览只是其中很小的一环,我们的参与者也能与哈佛学生充分地互动交流,甚至是一对一的沟通;

3. 我们的课程涉及生物技术、人工智能、建筑设计、东亚文化、营养健康等多个学科领域,延请哈佛的本科生、博士生和硕士生在课堂内实地授课,而且考虑到十几岁青少年的学习特点和接受方式,我们的课程设计会充分考虑趣味性与互动性,让孩子们感觉到酷。同时,这些授课的哈佛学生可视为同辈的行为榜样role model,用他们的言行来激励青春期的孩子们,会比家长隔辈的教育更有效果。

4. 我们的体验课程,特意放在我们多次考察过的哈佛自然历史博物馆、艺术博物馆、MIT科学博物馆,以及哈佛创新实验室iLab内,让孩子们像寻宝图般,去探寻自然、艺术和科技的魅力。总之,我们是要在保证孩子们安全、舒适的前提下,让孩子们学好、玩好、吃好、住好,体验一段美好的经历,去打开生命更多的可能性。


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